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本站建于2023年11月11日,基于NotionNext博客系统搭建,可选使用 hexo等主题。特别感谢老唐开源的强大的NotionNext 博客系统,,巧妙的利用github、vecel 、notion,无需任何费用。
This site was built on November 11, 2023, using the NotionNext blogging system, with the option to use themes like Hexo. Special thanks to Lao Tang for the powerful NotionNext blogging system, which cleverly utilizes GitHub, Vercel, and Notion, without any cost.


博主Andy Huang,署名「白皛瞐」,现居 中国 · 广东,80年代出生于湖北的农村家庭,在学生时代曾经爱好建站、爱好域名,但没有学习it技术,一直抱有遗憾。
面对每天充斥网络、手机的信息,有时候想静下来思考一下,要逐步断舍离或注销各种无用信息,包括各兴趣社群网站、APPs 及微信朋友圈。用尽量多的时间来读书、观影、听歌、记录,愉快地陪伴家人。我对博客的念想,在于有个健全的功能,而且可以存储在电脑,也能同步到一个熟人未知的有自我控制的网络“自留地”。 在这鼓捣的三个月,发现了NotionNext 博客系统相当不错;也鼓捣了hexo博客经历不少困难和时间,主要想本地化方便,同时基本功能还得有,所以选择一个博客框架和主题相当的关键,选主题给点建议,因现在已经很少人建站,很多博客框架,包括hexo主题已经没有人维护和更新,所以选目前一个人气高、功能齐全的主题十分关键,对于一个技术小白,可以减少很多不必要的折腾,把时间节省下来用于记录和创作。
Blogger Andy Huang, signed as "白皛瞐", currently resides in Guangdong, China. Born in the 1980s in a rural family in Hubei, he had a hobby of building websites and domain names during his student days, but did not study IT technology and has always had regrets.
During the 2023 National Day holiday, he impulsively bought some domain names and tinkered with niche independent blog sites. He has been tinkering for more than two months. In addition to being a learner and worker in the IT field, he is also building independent blog sites. In today's world where internet information is flooding every day, independent blog sites seem to have declined and disappeared, but there are still some persevering individuals with excellent independent blogs.
Faced with the information overload from the internet and smartphones every day, sometimes he wants to calm down and think gradually about gradually letting go of or canceling various useless information, including various interest-based social networking sites, apps, and WeChat Moments. To spend as much time as possible reading, watching movies, listening to music, and recording, and enjoy accompanying his family. My vision for a blog is to have a sound functionality, be able to be stored on a computer, and also be able to synchronize to a self-controlled network "reserved space" that is unknown to acquaintances.
During these three months of tinkering, he discovered that the NotionNext blog system is quite good. He also struggled with the hexo blog and experienced many difficulties and time-consuming tasks. The main reason is that he wanted it to be convenient for localization, while also having basic functionality. Therefore, choosing a blog framework and theme is crucial. Any suggestions for selecting a theme would be appreciated, as there are now very few people building websites, and many blog frameworks, including hexo themes, are no longer being maintained and updated. So, choosing a theme that is currently popular and fully functional is very important. For a technical novice, it can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles and save time for recording and creating.


Regardless of when, it is good to be able to think and reflect on our lives. Happiness is what matters.

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